Welcome to the wonderful worldof a gloomy reflection of the world

Welcome to the wonderful world of a gloomy reflection of the world

which only 666 Productions can serve to you with a hint of irony, plenty of blood, severed limbs and other mindless violence at a high professional and original artistic level. Consume a highly aesthetic, dark vision of human doom in the apocalyptic dimensions of modern society through defined genres such as horror, thriller, dark drama, sci-fi, slasher and other genres, which can be made possible by the one and only Slovenian production with a distinctive genre profile. 666 Productions works primarily in the field of filmmaking without any barriers of imagination, but at the same time, the creative opus also includes many music videos, art videos, commercials and other audio-visual products, which are distinguished above all by a unique author's approach in all segments of the creation of the final image. 666 Productions is always open to new collaborations and horizons. Overcome your prejudices and fears and bravely enter the visual obscurantist world that you can create with us.