feature film in development

The Moon of the Kurent is a movie combining the genres of a crime investigation movie and a mystery thriller with the elements of a gloomy horror movie and a dark drama. It is a fictitious story based on authentic historical elements, folk customs and beliefs. Through an intense criminal investigation, the unusual ritual murders, ancient pagan beliefs mixed with the oldest Catholic traditions and a secret conspiracy, the story uncovers the desire of the wealthiest to control the mystical world.

Alongside the main story the movie also focuses on topics such as a patriarchal society, feminism, gender differences, generation differences, social strata and other anthropological elements. The viewer is presented with an extensive part of old Slovenian and partly also Slavic mythology, not only with the Kurent as a mythological being which exists in many different variations in all Slavic nations and consequently also their neighbours. Despite its enormous potential, Slavic mythology is not frequently used in movies let alone overused like for example Greek mythology and that can be seen as yet another very attractive aspect of the movie for the potential viewer.

The Moon of the Kurent is a visually rich film with a complex story and a content-wise growing omnipresent gloomy atmosphere, which through interesting characters and a complex plot subtly leads the viewer to the final denouement and creates an unexpected whole, interesting especially to fans of mysterious crime thrillers.